Barton Falcon 50

VAT included

The Falcon is a mature-looking sports scooter. It provides the user with driving comfort and driving comfort in all conditions. A comfortable double sofa, a solid trunk support and a roomy seating area accentuate its urban and utilitarian character. Falcon got a brand new engine equipped with a continuously variable CVT transmission, which provides low fuel consumption and high travel comfort. The new engines in the Falcon have a much longer lifespan, and the acceleration from under the lights makes the smile itself paint on the face.


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Technical data:

Engine: 4-bit, single-cylinder, air-cooled
Capacity: 49ccm
Power max: 4HP
Transmission: automatic, CVT
Brakes P/T: disc/drum
Wheels P/T: 120/70-12" / 120/70-12"
Weight: 103kg
Dimensions: 1950mm x 695mm x 1145mm
Year of manufacture: 2020
Color: black and blue
Equipment: electric starter
Warranty: 2 years


The vehicle is delivered fully prepared for use after the "0" inspection. Together with the vehicle you will receive a set of documents for registration. In addition, the user manual in Polish + warranty card.

An AM ID card or driver's license or moped card is sufficient to move this vehicle.

Falcon 50


Engine capacity
0ccm - 49ccm