copy of Barton B-Max 125 (EURO 4) with backrest

VAT included

Barton B-Max 125 EURO 4 is the ideal solution for those looking for a universal replacement for the car. Barton B-Max represents the best features of the maxi scooter. Large size, luggage compartment, comfortable sofa with roomy storage for high comfort of use. The construction and design of the scooter make it can not go unnoticed. Modern dual led reflector provides very good road lighting. Both the front and rear wheels are equipped with more efficient disc brakes and have been enriched with a parking brake for longer stops before changing lights.

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Technical data:

Engine: 4-bit, single-cylinder, air-cooled
Capacity: 124.6ccm
Power max: 7.84hp
Power supply: Fuel injection (EURO 4)
Transmission: automatic, CVT
P/T brakes: disc/disc (CBS)
Wheels P/T: 120/80-14" / 130/60-13"
Fuel tank: 12L
Weight: 142kg
Dimensions: 2120mm x 765mm x 1330mm
Year of manufacture: 2020
Color: white-brown
Equipment: electric starter, LED lights, electronic clocks, parking brake, backrest
Warranty: 2 years


The vehicle is delivered fully prepared for use after the "0" inspection. Together with the vehicle you will receive a set of documents for registration. In addition, the user manual in Polish + warranty card.

A driver's license cat.B (min. 3 years) or A1, A2, A is sufficient to drive this vehicle.
B-Max 125 (EURO 5) oparcie


Engine capacity
50ccm - 125ccm